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Version of jxProject.

An installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (version 1.6 minimum) on your computer is required to run jxProject. A Java download link is provided for each platform. You may install Java before or after installing jxProject.

Scroll down through this entire page to see all of the installation options which are available. A section on installation troubleshooting is at the bottom.

Windows Installer:

  • After downloading, double-click: jxpInstall.exe; and follow the instructions.

  • An installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (version 1.6 minimum) on your computer is required to run jxProject. It can be obtained from Oracle by going to: http://www.java.com/getjava.
  • The Windows installation uses an application launcher to start jxProject which is named jxProject.exe. Each time it is started it checks your system for the latest and greatest installed JVM to run jxProject. If a suitable JVM is not found, it will give an error message and instruct you to download/install a suitable JVM. Therefore, adding, upgrading and removing JVMs from your computer will not “break” the jxProject installation. If there is no usable JVM on your system when you run jxProject, you will just need to install one and the launcher will find it the next time you run jxProject.exe.

Apple Install:

  • After downloading, the Mac automagically knows how to install the software.  

  • An installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (version 1.6 minimum) on your computer is required to run jxProject. Most Macs ship with a JRE installed. If needed, updates can be obtained from Apple by going to: http://developer.apple.com/java/download.

Unix Install:

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  • After downloading; refer to the self install procedure below.

  • An installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE) (version 1.6 minimum) on your computer is required to run jxProject. It can be obtained from Oracle by going to: http://www.java.com/getjava.

Self Install:

If you do not wish to use the installer, or if there is not an installer available for your platform, you can install jxProject manually.

Another reason for manual installation is that an installer often requires administrative privileges that you may not have. If you already have the required Java installed on your computer, you can get jxProject running without administrative privileges by performing a manual install.


  • Recommended for Unix, Linux, Solaris and Mac OSX Platforms: jxProject.tar (1.6 MB)

  • Each of the above files contains: (jxProject.jar; 3 launch scripts + lib directory containing 3 icons; 8 supporting jar files and the jxProject license in RTF format). The zip file contains one additional, jxProject.exe, which is a launcher for jxProject.


  1. Create a directory or folder to server as the installation location for jxProject.
  2. Expand the archive/zip into installation directory, for tar: tar -xf jxProject.tar; For the zip archive use a utility such as winzip or pkzip. Do not alter the file structure! The /lib directory and all of its files must be under the directory with jxProject.jar
  3. After expanding the archive, it is best to use one of the provided scripts to launch jxProject.
  4. For Windows only, double click: jxProjectStart.exe. This is an executable file that launches jxProject.jar using the appropriate Java(JVM) installed on your computer. Or double click: jxProjectStart.vbs. This is a vbs script, however, some departments disable vb script on their computers. Another option is to double click: jxProjectStart.bat This is very reliable, but it leaves a command window open in addition to the jxProject application window.
  5. For Unix, Linux, Solaris, Mac; double click: jxProjectStart.sh. This is a bash script.
It is HIGHLYrecommended to run jxProject using the scripts as they set the proper parameters.
java -jar -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Xms50m -Xmx250m jxProject.jar These parameters do the following:
  1. -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true; This tells the JVM not to attempt to use DirectDraw technology which can cause display corruption issues on computers that do not properly support this standard.
  2. -Xms50m; This tells the JVM to dedicate at least 50 Mb of memory to this application. This speeds up the application dramatically.
  3. -Xmx250; This tells the JVM not to exceed 250Mb in memory usage. This application generally runs just under 50Mb so it should never get close to this amount of usage.


  • Java must be installed on your computer to run jxProject. See the above platform installers for links to where you can download Java.
  • All of the supporting "jar" files must reside in the /lib directory under the directory with the jxProject.jar file.
  • The launch scripts (ie: .exe, .sh, .vbs, .bat) must be in the same directory with the jxProject.jar file.

Trouble Shooting:

  1. Problem: JxProject starts but gives an error message that the JVM is of the wrong version, and shuts down.

  2. Problem: JxProject does not start; it crashes giving an error message such as: “java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: com/jxp/main/JXPMain (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0) ...”. This error occurs when jxProject is being run against an older JVM such as Java 1.4.x or 1.5.

  3. Solution: For both of the above problems, the solution is to run jxProject against a newer version of Java.

  • First, make sure you have the required JVM installed on your computer. To identify the default Java installation on your computer, open a command window (DOS window) and type “java -version” then hit enter. A typical response from your computer would be “java version 1.6.0_20”. If the version is not supported by jxProject (1.3, 1.4, 1.5 are unsupported), you'll want to download and install a new version of Java from the appropriate location; usually Oracle.

  • Once you have the proper Java/JVM installed on your machine, everything should work. Note: Alternatively, you can try double clicking on the jxProject.jar file, this will bypass any launcher and directly utilize the default JVM on your computer to run jxProject. This usually works. However, read the “Self Install” section above to see launching parameters that can produce much better/faster performance of the application.

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Solaris and Java are trademarks of Oracle Corporation
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
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